Artist Statement

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Bouquet, Oil on Canvas, 22.5 x 28.5 in.

In my paintings I strive to convey the magical experience of looking at intricate and complicated form. In my most recent paintings I have selected the jigsaw puzzle as my subject matter. As a motif the jigsaw puzzle is a mixture of challenge and play. The act of puzzling is seductive and entrancing as the puzzler joins pieces together to build something from nothing; creating order out of the chaos of scattered pieces.

The puzzles that I typically select to paint are those that depict images of Nature Mort, vanitas imagery that references the brevity and the ephemeral nature of life. I purposely select seductive and beautiful imagery to create parallels between the “bloom and decay” depicted in vanitas painting with that of jigsaw puzzle imagery.

The reward of completing a jigsaw puzzle is the sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing a difficult challenge through to the end. However, in this series of work, the puzzle is never completed. These “puzzle bouquets”, are in effect, impossible puzzles; the endeavor of bringing order to chaos is never fully realized.