Artist Statement

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Roots, oil on canvas, 26.5" x 36"In my paintings I strive to convey the magical experience of looking at intricate and complicated form. Utilizing interwoven patterns and layered images my paintings demonstrate an awareness of order and contained chaos, creating a tension between spontaneous organization and ultimate collapse. For instance, I utilize repetitive pattern to establish an order and structure to my work that can be disrupted and disconnected. It is within this disconnect that the themes of growth and decay yield beauty, secrets and mystery.

In my most recent paintings I employ minute attention to details of everyday domestic objects, such as jigsaw puzzles with images of Nature Mort in various stages of completion and disarray. The works specifically reference combinations of floral imagery that create puzzle bouquets, which simultaneously bloom and crumble as puzzles are pieced together and break apart. Much of the imagery that I utilize in my work is forms of beauty that are traditionally associated with the realm of women.