Expanding Matrix

Saturday Nov 25, 2017

I am so pleased to have my work included in the group exhibition “The Expanding Matrix”, curated by Fred Fleisher, at the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, SUNY Old Westbury.

The Amelie Wallace Gallery at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury is pleased to announce the opening of The Expanding Matrix, a group show by twenty-three women artists, curated by Fred Fleisher. While their work varies widely, each of these artists begins with a central concept, chosen material, or primary image of personal importance from which her work expands from concept, to studio practice, to completed work.

The fascinating process of how a work of art begins, weaves itself together, and expands, leads the thoughtful viewer to consider the matrix from which art emanates. For the artists in The Expanding Matrix, a feeling or thought is nurtured to allow it to morph until it takes on a life of its own while still holding onto its matrix.

Such a large group of artists inevitably results in a dynamic range of contradictions and unique approaches. Within this group of twenty-three artists, the viewer may discern matrices of identity, the human body, forms in nature, nonconforming thoughts, personal histories, social interaction, and material as concept. Yet, for each artist in the exhibition, there is the shaping of her matrix through personal choice of medium and material, through idea and practice. Their work expands as we the viewers are invited to enter into their worlds of creation.

Participating Artists: Jude Broughan / Marguerite Day / Sandra Desando / Alyssa Fanning / Nava Gidanian-Kagan / Asano Gomez / Susan Graham / Allison Green / Patty Harris / Ketta Ioannidou / Vandana Jain / Laura Karetzky / Joanne Leah / Mary Mattingly / Tricia McLaughlin / Margaret Murphy / Rachel Phillips / Laurie Riccadonna / Adie Russell / Janice Sloane / Savannah Spirit / Kathleen Vance / Michelle Vitale

I am happy to be participating in the group exhibition, The Four Seasons, at Village West Gallery in Jersey City, NJ.


I am so happy to have these two works from my Hanging Garden Series included in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Collection. They are on view at Memorial Sloan Kettering Monmouth in Middletown, NJ. I hope that they provide a moment of relief and enjoyment for the patients there.

Quantum Overdrive

Friday Mar 10, 2017

My work is included in Quantum Overdrive, a group show curated by Fred Fleisher up through April 14 at the Dineen-Hull Gallery at HCCC.



Sunday, May 1, 2016